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In this regard, we look at the history of Sivas BC Cappadocia With a history that dates back to 2000, and the meat is used as the center of the settlement within the boundaries of the rule see the remains. Etiler made during the various wars, have occurred in and around Sivas, Sivas also affected by these wars, burned and destroyed. Assyrian ruler Sargon, BC An incursion into Anatolia in 710 he came to the interior of Sivas. Again, BC 676 years of the Scythians from the Caucasus, Iran lay the Medes to the interior of Anatolia. The Medes and the Lydians in the Cappadocia region has run out of power Asurlar'a resist, BC 585 Red River on the border as they did a deal to stay. Median Empire was the eastern region of Sivas and its surroundings so that the Red River. Median Empire did not last more than domination of the region. BC Persians Sivas seized in 550 put an end to the sovereignty of Med. BC the Macedonian King Alexander the Great is a significant
influx of other Anatolia, the incursions. BC, Alexander the Great as the first In 334 BC, two years after the second 332 'flock to the interior of Anatolia also held two times, both in Sivas, the rule continues to put an end to the management of the Persians. Passes do not speak for places, officers, commanders had left for Macedonia, the Macedonian army officers Sabistes'in management has been a while in Sivas. Plied their own pleasure and to plunder the city of Sabistes daldığından soldiers and did not break any heed. This situation can not stand people up in arms again, king of Persia, I. Ariaretes'in have agreed to enter the rule. At the end of the King of Rome after Christ Tiperius 17 of the Sivas and its surroundings were seized. Thus, Sivas, came under the Roman empire and the 'State-i Rum "was.
II. Kilic Arslan, 11, son of the country between 1186'da paylaştırmasıyla starting fights throne, I. Alaeddin Keykubad.Catching lasted until 1220 deal to pass. Effective measures against the Mongols during this period of Anatolia began to threaten the Keykubad çevirterek sheltered by walls has made Sivas. II substitute. Giyaseddin Keyhüsrev bad management during the great suffering the people of Turkmen origin, Sivas yaşmaladı 1240'larda uprising. Mongols, Seljuk soldiers who are mobilized to intimidate civilians, moved in to take over Anatolia. Mongol forces defeated Giyaseddin Keyhüsrev 1243'te Kösedag Savaş'ında, Sivas occupied. Seljuk Sultans of civil unrest caused by people anxious to justification under the Seljuk period, which indicates that Ilhanli manager Gazan Khan III. Alaeddin Keykubad.Catching Isfahan, calling the 1318'da put an end to the Anatolian Seljuk State.
Eretna after Bey's death, his son was little benefit from the age of Mehmed Giyaseddin viziers, the country shared between them. Eretna thoroughly weakened by dividing the Principality, re-introduction of stronger
vizierate Burhaneddin 1378'de Kadi. Kadi Burhanuddin Eretna kadılık principality, vizier, and the regency government management experience gained by doing the tasks implemented Eretna captured the principality. Last Eretna Bey Ali Bey advantage of being self-indulgent, self-eliminated one by one, people who are in opposition, on the death of Ali Bey in Sivas in 1388 declared independence. State has established that it is named Burhanuddin Kadi. Burhanuddin Mamluk raids successfully to resist the Kadi, the Mamluks, Ottoman and support when they seek to prevent any danger of Timur, defeated the Akkoyunlu Osman Bey, was killed in 1398.
Pre-order in which people eat soup kitchen of Sivas, and in particular the elderly by the "heart-rain," he is a dietary staple in jest. From the mean the beginning of winter soups, yogurt, cooked with flour or meal is prepared by splitting a little food. Cracked wheat, green lentil and mean the water is cooked with the soup consistency. Heat the oil and add onion soup is put on the mint (sokaraç). Mean the days of winter soup is a meal of tasty and nutritious. Read the most famous soup, beet soup. Others, cutting soup (soup pasta), tarhana, turnips, potatoes, noodles, lentils, bulgur, düşülcek soups. Meat dishes at the beginning, means meat dish with vegetables. First, cooked meats and fried eggplant, peppers, tomatoes, put prepared. Vegetables are prepared pans and ovens that meat market "to pan in the oven" is called. Sivas kebab in the summer-autumn months where plenty of vegetables in a bazaar in the dish. Pehli, çirli meat, grape leaves, stuffed cabbage, stuffed peppers, meatballs, fried patties (Kadınbudu meatballs), juicy meatballs (meatballs with

bulgur), Miri patties (without meat), stew and other dishes that mıhlamalar. In the pumpkin dishes Vegetable dishes (sautéed meat, milk pumpkin, pumpkin raisin), roasting, and eat turnips, potatoes tiritlisi, a plant that grows spontaneously in the spring in the wilderness in which meals are important madımakla. Rice dish which is indispensable for our tables, "ready to bread, rice queen," was called. Bulgur, rice, couscous, noodles, different flavor and appearance pilafs take their places at the table as the varieties. Hoşaflar and holiday soup, rice dishes as well as brought to the table.

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